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Hollywood Monsters are a prodigious music collective that includes; Steph Honde, Vinny Appice and Ronnie Robson as the core, with an amazing collaborative of Internationally known musicians with huge resumes performing on the various albums and various talent in a live component.

Not only do the Hollywood Monsters have an amazing original soundtrack, they also celebrate some of the greatest rock songs of all time, fulfilled masterfully with a live energy that is second to none - turning the music dial to reflect the subconscious of our life's soundtrack.

Currently planning a tour in 2020, the Hollywood Monsters exciting live performances transcend both era and genre, captivating their audiences with a masterfully curated set list and tour of select artists from both the classic rock and metal genres. They always perform “like it would be our last show ever”.

Thriving On Chaos - Coming December 22

The Monsters are very close to releasing their third album entitled:  “Thriving On Chaos”, once again having invited some amazing Internationally recognized musicians to perform on its twelve song platform, with an amazing bonus songs included in the fold.

Watch for this release coming soon on Musik Records and Voice Music (Brazil).

Tour and VIP Dates

Please check back soon for our upcoming dates in 2020.


We are currently exploring the possibilities of dates in Asia, UK, Europe, Canada, United States and South America.


With with an exciting lineup of course!!

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